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Passionate Rebel was establish in 2014. Through its leadership example, the mission of Passionate Rebel is to create self- directed leaders who with their independent passion will enhance their creative skills. 

"Passionate Rebel" is a new fashion and lifestyle movement brand birthed in the summer of June 2014 when creator Warith "EL-Amin" Jumuah was battling the hardships of being laid off from his primary means of income and finding his passion.

Warith was burdened by the idea of not being able to provide for himself  financially.  He felt that the world's discouragements had began to weigh heavily on his shoulders; with no supportive outlets to turn to.


The struggle to keep sane became a daily task and in this time, Warith began to reflect on one of his true passions: creating leadership. Passionate Rebel offers vendor and student appreciation week, community and motivational outreach. At Passionate Rebel, it’s about inspiring change in the lives of many!



   "Rebel against not following your passion" 

                                                  -Warith EL-Amin Jumu’ah

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