Passionate Rebel's presents 1st Annual Women's Chew and Chat

July 29, 2015

       "I refuse to believe in the myth that all women share a common bond. The truth is all women are all very different from one another. We each live with a different set of privileges and life experiences. And once we acknowledge this fact, it will become obvious that when we try to place all women into the same box, we unintentionally suffocate ourselves."

      Passionate Rebel had the opportunity to coordinate it's 1st annual "Womens Chew and Chat" event facilitated by Dr. Baseemah Jumu'ah. Women from various backgrounds shared their experiences, words of wisdom, and views on sexism, relationships, and the future of womenhood throughout the world. Our paths have always began at the feet of the a women. How do we continue to help women continue to grow as individuals? We should do our best to inspire women to pursue their dreams and aspire to be better than they were yesterday. The purpose of the Chew and Chat event was to provide women with the platform to share views and have their voices heard. We want to continue to push this event to levels where all women can possibly be reached. I'm thank for all of the women who shared their life's story and continue to remain strong and display a great deal of resiliency.

 Passionate Rebel atist and model Quadriyyah Jumuah rocking Passionate Rebel retro tee and displaying henna tattoo designed by one of our Henna Vendors. Henna has been used to adorn young women's bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean. 



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