Career Day at NJIT

July 22, 2015

      What is a job? What pushes you to choose a career? Life requires us to choose paths that will create the life we search for as we become older. College has always been an option that has been conveyed as the number one source of success. How successful are college students in today's society? Thats a great question! 7 % of post graduate college students face unemployement while 14 % face underemployment.  It was important to touch on this data because it aids students in their transition from high school to college, and from college to the world of work. As leaders, when we send these bright individuals out into the world to display their skills and talents, we should never send them out ill-prepared. Passionate Rebel was honored to be one of the speakers at NJIT's Career Day on July 22, 2015.  Along side our company, Admissions Counselor Sharnae Williams of Job Corp partenered with Passionate Rebel to shed light on career choices, college, life's struggles, and experiences.  As college graduates, as well as educational leaders, we are obligated to continue to move this generation in the right direction.

    Each of these scholars were interested in various areas of life and wanted more insight on overcoming obstacles while in the process of pursuing what they want. We all have an obligation to help build these young individuals. Everyone complains about what's occurring in the world but a lot of individuals don't take the initiative to help change it. Things will only begin to change when we all take that initial step to help implement change. These individuals are looking for guidance and words of wisdom to be provided; let's give it to them. 


 Passion Stimulates Hustle


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